Condo = Work in progress

7 Jun

I’ve had several requests for updated pictures of the condo, and, honestly, I’ve been dragging my feet. It’s not quite where we want it to be (i.e. picture perfect and magazine worthy). But I finally realized that everyone lives with their spaces in “not quite done” state at some point in their lives. So, why not give you a peek? You’ll have to excuse the mess and check back later when we’re a little further down the road. Also, check here for before pics.

For this tour, I’m starting from the back of the condo. It’s the most finished… as in, there are minor projects to attend to and not a “corner of shame”. The master bedroom benefited from a few coats of Porter Paint’s Dover Gray. Plus the red shelves we purchased while still at our house finally became our official bedside tables. We sold the red chair we had in our bedroom at our house because it didn’t fit well in the arrangement.

What still needs to be done? We relented and put up curtains when we couldn’t sleep past 6:30 in the morning. Unfortunately the cheap-o rod we bought for the big window didn’t quite make it… and neither did our duct tape fix. You can see half of it sadly hanging in the upper right of the first pictures. We have a new rod and the curtains sitting on the dresser waiting for us to have a minute to work on the house. We’re also installing a Lutron Maestro IR, which will let us dim the lights and control them from the bed. It’s a convenience we sorely miss. Besides that we have thoughts for decorations for our red shelves. More on that later. Oh, and we need art. (This will be a theme throughout). Luckily we brought some fog pictures from the house and they’ll go up soon.

Moving one shade up from Dover Gray, both bathrooms changed to Flagstone.

What still needs to be done? Both rooms needs art of some sort. I’d like to pull in the red accents from our bedroom in our master bath. In the extra bath I’m using golden towels that I thought I wouldn’t like, but seem to go with all the yellow wood in the room. Those may go or I may find a way to tie them in with some art.

The extra bedroom is the only room that didn’t get painted. The greenish color was good enough for the computer/workout room. You’ll notice we didn’t build the desk I was lusting after here. Instead, a little Craigslist luck came our way when we found this awesome mid-century desk that needed a home. It’s not the perfect size for the dual monitor set up, but we love it. And it gave us a place for our sweet teal chairs.

What needs to be done? You probably noticed there’s a door sitting amidst our weights. That came off when we realized the treadmill (which was assembled in the living room) didn’t exactly “fit”. So, the door needs rehung. Also, there’s no overhead lighting, so we have a nicer lamp coming. We probably need some art in here at some point, but that is low priority.

A few last stops in the hall before we get to the main space. In the interest of full disclosure. I shot the laundry closet. It is fairly full, but it functions well. Also, we converted the coat closet to a pantry.

And now we come to the place where a tour would normally begin: the main living space. The white did wonders for making the space feel brighter. We just used the Porter Paint base color with no tint. Nearly 5 gallons later…

Let’s go by quadrants.

The kitchen quarter: There’s not much to change here, but we would like to get some stools for the counter when we sell our high table. We’re also filling the top cabinets with milk glass pieces and we have a ways to go.

The dining quarter: The table has to go. We’ve been lusting after a formica topped table and finally found one a few months ago during a weekend in Kansas City. I’m sure the valets at our hotel thought we were nuts when we drove back with a table in the back of our jeep. It is currently sitting in the “corner of shame” as Hubster works on cleaning it up. Plus we have frames for a gallery wall, which will going in this corner very soon!

The living room quarter: This is the furthest from finished (even beyond the “corner of shame”) because we’ve decided we want a new couch and chairs long term. They fit well in our cozy home studio at the house, but don’t have enough style for the condo. Plus, you’ll probably noticed we have a lack of media storage… because moving boxes don’t count. Like the table, we’ve been scouring for a cool mid-century credenza to hold everything.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from setting up one vignette that I really like:

And, last and most shameful: the Corner of Shame

Corner of shame quarter: For now this is where our projects and decorations have been hanging out. Note the amazing stereo console that Hubster is gutting and will live under our TV. It deserves it’s own blog post and will get one soon. Also, note the totally awesome gray woodgrain formica table top leaning against the wall. Ditto on needing it’s own post.

What still needs to be done? Everything here needs a home. The big pieces already have one. Ultimately we’re building some industrial style shelves in this corner that will (hopefully) have a desk built in so Hubster can restore Polaroid cameras at night.

And, what turned out to be the most shameful picture when this was all assembled? The drop zone by the front door. This is what happens when you have 2 to 6 camera bags temporarily living in one space. I almost didn’t include this… but full disclosure right??

Man, that’s a lot of bags!

So there you have it. Condo as is. Thoughts?


Memorial Day Weekend!

2 Jun

Ahh!  The first 3 day weekend of the summer!  Like every other year, we spent our time on our boat with good friends.  We had the perfect weather this year – sunny and hot every day!  Brett and I took the day off work on Friday so that we could wash the boat and prepare for an entire weekend out of the dock.  Saturday morning, we both got up early, me to go for a run and Brett to decorate the boat:

We definitely showed our patriotic pride with all those flags!  Brett did an awesome job!

We arrived in the Kentucky Lake Rock Quarry around 10:30am to claim our spot.  Fortunately, our good friends had rented a houseboat and had already set a great hook.  We tied up to them and were able to run our shore power cords off the houseboat’s generator.  Yep, we had air conditioning and charged our batteries the whole weekend!  There was no roughing it, that’s for sure!

The party had officially begun by noon on Saturday and didn’t end until the early morning hours of Monday.  It felt great to be on the water the entire time.  When we got home Monday evening, I swore our condo was rocking!  Felt like we were still on the lake!

Thanks to everyone involved for the fabulous time!  Let there be many more weekends like it throughout the summer!

Is that inspiration that I smell?

26 May


So I’ve once again fallen into the habit of being a bad blogger. Unlike last time it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. It’s probably two parts being insanely busy (hello wedding season!) and one part working on something new.

The point of this blog (besides just seeing if we could, in fact, blog on a semi-regular basis) was definitely to experiment. I started out talking a lot about wanting to get into our own space, decorate it and make it feel like home. While that’s still going on, I’ve realized that I can’t be a home interior blogger. I love what I love and when the condo is mostly done it will stay that way for awhile. Hubster and I don’t change our home furnishings with the season or the latest trend. I see this as a good thing. That mini experiment is done. While it may not have had the expected result, it’s still a result.

Since moving and life generally getting insane again, I’ve fallen back to the basics. During the season, that’s all about balance and planning. A big piece of that revolves around cooking. I haven’t talked about that much here, but I cook almost every night after job 1 and before job 2 and (hopefully) getting a work out in. I consistently manage and shop for (with Hubster’s help) a menu that feeds both of us for two weeks. Sure, it’s not perfect (last night’s dinner that was missing green onions and cilantro is a good example) but I think it’s rare and something I can share. (Excuse the unitentional rhyme.)

So I’ve been working to craft a food blog. While there have already been road blocks (Do you know how HARD it is to find a url for a food blog that’s not already taken? It’s hard.) I’m incredibly excited about! There’s no official launch date yet, but I’ll definitely let you know. And at this point I don’t have any plans to abandon this blog. We’ll keep it experimental and see where it goes.

More details and more posts coming soon…

Love these running shoes!

18 May

Alrighty, much of the time, I’m posing questions to the folks that read my blog.  Well, this time, I’m changing it up.  I want to promote something this time around!  As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I enjoy running.  I’ve never been a top contender in any races, but I’ve been running in races (mostly 5k’s) since college.  I also ran the 2 mile in track….way back in high school, for a couple of years.

All that said, I have many years under my belt of testing out different running shoes.  For a little while, I was a fan of Adidas, but for a longer period of time, I chose mostly Nike running shoes.  Then, came my ultimate favorite shoe in my late college years, Asics

I am a HUGE fan of the Asic Gel Kayano series.  Check out my collection, and note, I’ve actually donated many of my past Kayanos:

From left to right, the series developed from the Gel-Kayano 13 to my current pair, Gel-Kayano 17.  I am prone to shin splints when I switch shoes.  These allow me to switch from one pair to the next, without any problems. 

Here is close up of my current pair:

Again, I can’t say enough good things about these shoes.  The laces are actually diagonal across the top of the shoe so that they don’t sit right on top of your main foot bone…whatever the heck that’s called!  My feet are able to breathe well in them.  They hold up very well and the cushion and support is perfect for my needs.

Let me know if you have any questions!  I can’t wait to slip my feet in them this evening for a run!

Resolved to read more

11 May

I’m notoriously bad at making New Year’s Resolutions. They seem almost pointless to me. Why wait until the beginning of the year to make positive changes in your life? I’m fairly sure “Floss more” was my standard answer between 2006 and 2009 when asked about a possible resolution. And honestly I didn’t even try to keep that resolution.

This year, I was struck with a bit of inspiration in December after my director at work had her entire group read “Monday Morning Leadership.” One of the tips in the book is to read a few minutes each day in order to finish 12 books a year. It was such a simple sentiment that I knew immediately I wanted to give it a try. Plus it seemed like a challenge that would only have positive impacts.

My original thought of reading 24 business-related books was modified to 12 non-fiction books, which I figured was a more manageable goal and allowed some flexibility with my topics.

So far it’s been going great! I’ve finished the following books:

January – Four Hour Work Week (if you don’t know, this was part of the inspiration for this blog)

February – Freakonomics (The most interesting read thus far. I highly recommend it.)

March – Who Moved My Cheese (This book is tiny, but perfect for a March that was fairly busy.)

April – Moon Walking with Einstein (This was added to my list after seeing an interview with the author on The Daily Show. It was really entertaining and well written.)

Now I’m up to “Nuts: Southwest Airline’s Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” and I’m really struggling. The book seems very dated (it was published in 1998 and we know a lot has happened since then). Also the authors seem to be so passionately in love with the company that it makes me a little ill. I’m not saying I want a totally objective read, but the authors seem to have moved from appreciation to fawning all over Southwest. And thus far it’s just been boring! I’m about 80 pages in and wondering if I should chuck it and get a new book for May, which has its own set of problems. The main one is that I’ve been ordering sets of books from Amazon and I may not get a new batch in time. That single fact is pushing me to stick it out with “Nuts” but I’m not exactly excited about it.

 Has anyone read this book? Were you bored in the beginning? And most importantly, did it get better or did you give up reading it? Also, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions you are still actively pursuing?

Purchased a new road bike!

9 May

Saturday was an exciting day!  After receiving guidance from our good friend, Alyn, I made the leap and bought a new road bike!  Wait, I should probably back up a few steps.  I’m not sure I mentioned the fact that I’m signed up for a triathlon in June.  Yep, you read that correctly!  I’m doing a triathlon in St. Peters, MO on June 19th.  This will be my first one so I’m just hoping to finish, without coming in last place.  It is going to be a 500 meter swim, 21 mile bike ride, and 5 mile run.  Needless to say, I needed a bike!

Based on the fact that I’m completely new to cycling and not sold on the fact that I’ll end up loving it, I didn’t want to get carried away and buy a top of the line bike.  Everyone I’ve spoke to agrees that the one I decided on is a solid bike for an entry level experience.  It is a 2010 Trek 1.2 (

Here is a picture of my new baby:

We had a great experience at Momentum Cycles (  The staff was very friendly, informative, and didn’t rush us.  They fitted the bike to me exactly and when you buy a bike from them, you get free tune-ups forever!

I took my first real ride on Sunday.  It was stressful for me because it was so different than my mountain bike and I was by myself.  I’m hoping I’ll relax and feel more comfortable after a few more rides.  The best part is that I can easily lift the bike in and out of my Jeep without any assistance.  I love that!

Wish me luck!

Yay oven!

5 May

The range if fixed! Hallelujah! I know God has very little to do with the return of our oven/stove but I’ve got a chorus of gospel singers going to town in my head.

Here’s a peek at the new “brains”. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s in the “on” position and there are no random, annoying beeps coming out. It’s about time!

True to my word, I immediately scooped up some bananas that were lingering on the counter in hopes that we’d have a working oven before the fruit flies descended. That sounds really gross, but when it comes to banana bread browner is better.

 About an hour later we had two delicious loaves of Easy Banana Bread. Easy is almost an understatement when describing this Cooking Light recipe. As long as you have a somewhat decent pantry and a few overripe bananas, it comes together in a snap. The baking time draws out the process, so it’s not ideal for a weekend breakfast because I’m rarely never up before Hubster, but it’s a perfect make ahead meal for the week (and by week I mean one loaf = approximately 3 days).

Yay oven!