How sweet he is

9 Jun

At the end of May, Hubster and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. (Wow! Somehow ticking past the 5 year mark just makes me feel old.)

Normally you’d expect a gift exchange on an anniversary, but we’re really bad about gift giving. We have a tendency to buy what we want, which doesn’t leave a lot of extra wishes on our list. So the general assumption is “no gifts”… but that doesn’t always happen. Instead, one of us will get a wild hair, purchase a gift (or two) and leave the other one saying “I didn’t know we were doing this…”

Apparently it was my turn to feel a bit bad, because Hubster knocked it out of the park.

Gift 1: Milk glass cake stand

I’ve been eyeing one of these on Etsy, but it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. So every recent trip to an antique mall trip has been backed by the hope that I’d find one in the “wild”. It may have been the promise of more cakes or just a useful prop for my new cooking blog, whatever the inspiration I’m happy to have this baby in the house and counting down the days until I have a minute to bake.

Gift 2: An iPad of my very own

The key to this gift is the last part: it’s all mine. The first thing Hubster said after he bought “our” iPad was, “We probably need two of these.” I disagreed, partially because I wasn’t excited about spending that kind of money twice in one week. What I didn’t realize was this was some kind of guy code for “I will be using this technology exclusively and if you want more than visiting rights, you best get your own.” Lesson learned. A few weeks ago I announced that I did, indeed, need my own (preferably with 3G so we can use it while traveling) and he used our anniversary to fulfill that desire.

So, Hubster, good job! You’re amazing, as always! I love that you surprise me with things I wouldn’t buy for myself. Maybe next birthday/Christmas/anniversary I’ll come up with some awesome gifts for you. Until then, at least you’ll be getting cake.


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