Memorial Day Weekend!

2 Jun

Ahh!  The first 3 day weekend of the summer!  Like every other year, we spent our time on our boat with good friends.  We had the perfect weather this year – sunny and hot every day!  Brett and I took the day off work on Friday so that we could wash the boat and prepare for an entire weekend out of the dock.  Saturday morning, we both got up early, me to go for a run and Brett to decorate the boat:

We definitely showed our patriotic pride with all those flags!  Brett did an awesome job!

We arrived in the Kentucky Lake Rock Quarry around 10:30am to claim our spot.  Fortunately, our good friends had rented a houseboat and had already set a great hook.  We tied up to them and were able to run our shore power cords off the houseboat’s generator.  Yep, we had air conditioning and charged our batteries the whole weekend!  There was no roughing it, that’s for sure!

The party had officially begun by noon on Saturday and didn’t end until the early morning hours of Monday.  It felt great to be on the water the entire time.  When we got home Monday evening, I swore our condo was rocking!  Felt like we were still on the lake!

Thanks to everyone involved for the fabulous time!  Let there be many more weekends like it throughout the summer!


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