Is that inspiration that I smell?

26 May


So I’ve once again fallen into the habit of being a bad blogger. Unlike last time it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. It’s probably two parts being insanely busy (hello wedding season!) and one part working on something new.

The point of this blog (besides just seeing if we could, in fact, blog on a semi-regular basis) was definitely to experiment. I started out talking a lot about wanting to get into our own space, decorate it and make it feel like home. While that’s still going on, I’ve realized that I can’t be a home interior blogger. I love what I love and when the condo is mostly done it will stay that way for awhile. Hubster and I don’t change our home furnishings with the season or the latest trend. I see this as a good thing. That mini experiment is done. While it may not have had the expected result, it’s still a result.

Since moving and life generally getting insane again, I’ve fallen back to the basics. During the season, that’s all about balance and planning. A big piece of that revolves around cooking. I haven’t talked about that much here, but I cook almost every night after job 1 and before job 2 and (hopefully) getting a work out in. I consistently manage and shop for (with Hubster’s help) a menu that feeds both of us for two weeks. Sure, it’s not perfect (last night’s dinner that was missing green onions and cilantro is a good example) but I think it’s rare and something I can share. (Excuse the unitentional rhyme.)

So I’ve been working to craft a food blog. While there have already been road blocks (Do you know how HARD it is to find a url for a food blog that’s not already taken? It’s hard.) I’m incredibly excited about! There’s no official launch date yet, but I’ll definitely let you know. And at this point I don’t have any plans to abandon this blog. We’ll keep it experimental and see where it goes.

More details and more posts coming soon…


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