Purchased a new road bike!

9 May

Saturday was an exciting day!  After receiving guidance from our good friend, Alyn, I made the leap and bought a new road bike!  Wait, I should probably back up a few steps.  I’m not sure I mentioned the fact that I’m signed up for a triathlon in June.  Yep, you read that correctly!  I’m doing a triathlon in St. Peters, MO on June 19th.  This will be my first one so I’m just hoping to finish, without coming in last place.  It is going to be a 500 meter swim, 21 mile bike ride, and 5 mile run.  Needless to say, I needed a bike!

Based on the fact that I’m completely new to cycling and not sold on the fact that I’ll end up loving it, I didn’t want to get carried away and buy a top of the line bike.  Everyone I’ve spoke to agrees that the one I decided on is a solid bike for an entry level experience.  It is a 2010 Trek 1.2 (http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/road/sport/2_and_1_series/1_2/#/us/en/model/details?url=us/en/bikes/road/sport/2_and_1_series/1_2).

Here is a picture of my new baby:

We had a great experience at Momentum Cycles (http://www.momentumcycles.com).  The staff was very friendly, informative, and didn’t rush us.  They fitted the bike to me exactly and when you buy a bike from them, you get free tune-ups forever!

I took my first real ride on Sunday.  It was stressful for me because it was so different than my mountain bike and I was by myself.  I’m hoping I’ll relax and feel more comfortable after a few more rides.  The best part is that I can easily lift the bike in and out of my Jeep without any assistance.  I love that!

Wish me luck!


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