Learned to buff!

25 Apr

Yea!  This weekend was very exciting for me!  I love to learn and try new things, especially when I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards.  Saturday, after washing our boat, our very generous friend, Alyn, came by to lend me his waxing/buffing supplies and teach me how to do it.  In the past, we’ve either paid for someone to wax/buff our boat, or Brett has done it.  Brett has enough chores with maintaining our boat though so I have been anxious to learn this chore, in hopes of doing it for us in the future.  Actually, Brett tried to teach me a couple of years ago and gave me my own buffer, but the handle on it just wasn’t working with my small hands so it was a lost cause.  Fortunately, Alyn’s buffer has a much better way to keep a good grip so I’m back in the game! 

I have to admit, I didn’t get much done this weekend, but with the weather and time constraints, I’m happy with the progress.  Alyn recommend the wax in the picture below:

I’ve seen him use this wax on his boat and it looks amazing!  Our boat used to sit outside, in Michigan, prior to us owning.  The fiberglass isn’t in as great as condition as Alyn’s boat, but a couple of coats of it definitely helped!  I’m excited to keep working on this project a little bit at a time, each weekend that I’m at the boat from here on out.  I thought I may be a little sore from the work, but surprisingly I wasn’t!

I forgot to take a “before” photo, but here is an “after” photo:

Alyn, thanks again for your help and generosity this weekend!  I really appreciated it, and I’m sure Brett does too since it’s something he can now remove from his honey-do list!


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