My computer needs a home

7 Apr

As of Tuesday, we officially signed the lease on our new condo! Now that it’s all said and done I am beyond excited. I can’t wait to get in there, paint and call it home.

Having a space locked down has started the inevitable search for things that we need. High on the list is a desk. At our old house, we had a joint office and awesome, huge, metal topped desk that Hubster built when we couldn’t find one that fit the bill. It’s since been repurposed (as we always intended) to a catch-all/shipping table in the back of the studio. Hubster’s computer has a new home on a shiny white desk, and mine has been living in the dungeon basement with us. Its home: a weathered table that usually goes on my parent’s deck.

Craigslist scouring has turned up very little as most desks are huge, ugly and very blah. But thanks to my blog reading obsession hobby, I think I’ve found some inspiration in Manhattan Nest’s “A Desk with a View” post!

Take a moment. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.

That is a sexy desk! I love the vintage/repurposed/shiny whiteness of it!

Even better, Hubster says we can build something similar for me. I love that man!

Has anyone else re-created a project after seeing it on a blog? Or are there any blogs you love to watch for inspiration?


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    […] the computer/workout room. You’ll notice we didn’t build the desk I was lusting after here. Instead, a little Craigslist luck came our way when we found this awesome mid-century desk that […]

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