Not quite “move in ready”

4 Apr

We ALMOST have a place of our own. It feels weird to even write those words because it happened kind of fast! We actually started looking for a place a few weeks ago, reasoning that we needed to have a good feel for what is available so we knew THE place when we saw it.

Well THE place happened to already be on the market. And it was just too good to pass up. For fear of jinxing anything I’ll withhold details and more info on our search until the ink is dry on the lease.

What I can tell you is that I’m excited… but I’ll be more excited when it’s painted. Yep, in order to have our perfect oasis in the city we have to paint. Boo! We were really hoping to avoid this step, but we can’t because the main living space is this color:

Yep! It is poopy orangish, modern like a decade ago, will clash with all of our furniture, brown. Blech! (PS – Sorry about the pink border. I don’t know how to turn it off!)

Hubster and I actually had the “If the landlord doesn’t agree to let us paint, will we still move in?” conversation. The answer was, “No.” It may seem a bit shallow, but we’re visual people and this color does nothing except incite my gag reflex. Plus, we want to paint it white, so the landlord agreed.

Actually, we want to paint is super, reflect the light from the huge windows, live in a cloud, white. This super white box will be the perfect background for the modern, industrial vintage loft we’ve been craving… more to come soon!


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