Fat Thursday

31 Mar

While most red blooded Americans are thinking “baseball” today, Hubster and I have our own holiday milestone on the calendar: Fat Thursday.

In case the clearly somewhat witty name isn’t obvious, we’re enjoying one last day of alcohol before we go stone cold sober for a month. At the risk of sounding like alcoholics, we seriously enjoy wine (mostly red, but we appreciate white) and cocktails (rum, vodka, gin for Hubster… we’re not too picky.)

So why give it up? Andrew Knowlton’s column in the January issue of Bon Appetit magazine focused on his annual commitment to give up alcohol and meat during January. He uses it as a way to reset his palette, which made me think “great idea.” Hubster liked the idea in theory, but we both agreed that our lives were WAY too crazy to even think about giving up adult beverages during January. (Living with family is not the most relaxing thing ever. Plus both of our birthdays are in January so that was a no go.) February didn’t look any better. We had already set the opening of our studio for mid February and from where we were standing, we’d still have the house in Blue Springs (and be living with family.) So we wrote is off as a “good but not feasible” idea for this year.

Little did we know that we’d accept an offer on our house on February 19th and enter the second half of March with a lot of weight lifted off our shoulders.

So a few weeks ago, I brought the idea back up. Sure, we’d still be living with family, but everything would be turning around. Plus April is really our last shot to give this a go before we’re into wedding season… which necessitates wine. Hubster agreed… though we’ve both had moments of “should we really do this?”

But we’re both committed. This will help reset our palettes and our tolerances. Plus we’ll be able to focus on eating a bit better (bye bye post-drink snacks) and working out (because what else do we have to do?) Overall it will mean more balance and that’s worth missing a few drinks… right?

Which brings us to today, the eve of embarking on Sober April, otherwise known as Fat Thursday. Our plans include a happy hour with Landlocked Bride and maybe one final bottle of red wine at home. Wish us luck. We’ll probably need it…

P.S. Sorry for the lack of image in this post. I’m at work and sans alcohol. Perhaps I’ll update it with a shot from tonight’s revelery.


2 Responses to “Fat Thursday”

  1. Brit @ Landlocked Bride April 1, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    Was so great to meet with you and Aaron. I’m excited for your new adventures in St. Louis!!

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