How much Trader Joe’s can the interwebs handle?

25 Mar


When I told Hubster about our blog, his first question was one I was dreading, “What’s it about.” Of course, I had an answer ready… but the “Well, it’s about our lives… two contemporary women and what we do … like cooking and boating…” sounded hollow even to my ears. Even the manual for setting up a blog through WordPress suggested honing in on a topic before entering the blogosphere.

Instead, I decided to be up front with you that we really didn’t know what this blog was “about” or where it would go. As I’ve been writing and thinking about what to share with you, I keep coming back to Trader Joe’s. It’s silly, I know, but I love that place! (See this post for evidence.)

I even forked over the $6 for the Unofficial Guide to Trader Joe’s and eagerly awaited its arrival. Sadly, it was a bit underwhelming. Sure, there are some interesting products in there that I’m eager to try but overall it felt flat. It probably didn’t help that some of the best items I’ve had weren’t on the Top 50 List. (Have you tried the Ultimate Vanilla Wafers?? O M G! My family devoured an entire tub in about 2 days. They’re dangerously good.)

So I thought, “I could do this … and do it better.” I’m thinking 365 Days of Trader Joe’s. I already eat enough of their products to review a product a day. Plus a blog would give me more reason to try new items!

But does the world really need ANOTHER blog about Trader Joe’s food? Probably not… (Just google Trader Joe’s blog for proof.)

So I’ll just keep writing about whatever strikes my fancy and see if another stable topic emerges.

P.S. If I start overwhelming my half of the blog with Trader Joe’s product reviews. A little “hey, remember you were going to start a separate blog with this info, that was a great idea!” will suffice.


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