How we got from there to here

24 Mar

Posts like this one from Little Green Notebook make me want to move!

I love, love the last picture where the first aid supplies are organized in colored dishes. Genius! (And for the record I’m not a huge Martha Stewart follower. Who really has time for paper mache-ing Christmas decorations or the like? I don’t! But this idea is so, so simple and it appeals to my Type A personality.)

My first instinct was “I want to go home, right now, and organize.” Then I remembered I don’t really have a home, which is something I should explain.

I can’t pinpoint that start of our longing to move to St. Louis, but the desire to move out of our suburban home in Blue Springs definitely started well over three years ago. The housing marketing was “great” when we got married and so we followed conventional wisdom and purchased a home. Unfortunately we just didn’t know enough about what we wanted in life and quickly realized that chain restaurants and yard work were not on the list. After a failed attempt to sell our house in 2009, we buckled down and redid our basement into a great meeting space and home office for Hubster to continue to grow the business.

Then we waited… and waited … and waited.

Along the way the economy tanked, we started shooting more weddings in St. Louis and I became pretty unhappy in my 9-to-5. I was ready to grow and there was just nowhere to go (ooh I rhymed!). So when the job search went into high gear I applied to a lot of openings in St. Louis. After several months, and lots of cross-state driving, I actually got TWO job offers on the same day! Shortly thereafter I packed my car and moved into my parent’s basement. The new job has been great, but the time living apart from Hubster is definitely “the dark ages”. Boo to that! Thankfully he joined a few months ago. So now we’re both living in the house with my parents… and our Great Dane… and thanks to the sale of our house (YAY!!!!) all of our stuff.

Fortunately having our Blue Springs house out of our lives has lifted a weight off our shoulders. And we are already looking for apartments for townhouses to rent in the city. (The next trip will look like the map below because we’re not actually in the city limits yet.)

Posts like the one on Little Green Notebook (and my own posts like this) just make me realize I’m SO, SO, SOOOO ready to get a space that’s all our own. I’m ready to nest… and worried for Hubster’s sake, because I’m not sure exactly how that will manifest. It’s been a full 6 months since I moved out of anything resembling our own space. So he can’t really blame me right?

Is anyone else having these nesting urges? Maybe spring is making you a little stir crazy?


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