White dishes

16 Mar
I have a serious obsession with white dishes.
We currently own a full set of greenish dishes AND a full set of mixed brown and orange dishes. These are all from Pier 1 and purchased in our first two years of living together. (In fact, I think the green set was primarily a wedding gift from Hubster’s parents.) So clearly this desire has grown post wedding.
I’m guessing the serving dishes started it. Approximately 95% of our serving dishes are white. I think that became my default when searching for serving dishes because 1) There are a lot of ugly dishes out there and 2) White dishes will go with either aforementioned sets of plates. Plus white dishes are cheap and plentiful!
Because Hubster and I are in the middle of a big life move (goodbye KC, hello StL) those creamy, cool green plates, punchy orange bowls, and earthy brown plates have been out of my life for some time. So much so that I’d be inclined to sell them off and start collecting mass amounts of mismatched white dishes.
Join me as I indulge in a little window shopping.




via apartment therapy

via Shopping Candy 

Yes please!
And then I’d steal Alyssa’s (from welikewelove) table… 

via the 10 cent designer


How great would that look piled with white dishes? Love!

Has anyone else salivated over dinnerware before?


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    […] of since March finally came home (and was disassembled, cleaned, painted, and reassembled). This post was all about white dishes, but in the background Hubster and I started fiending for a vintage […]

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