Changing neighborhoods…(boating)

8 Mar

It’s not a secret that my husband, Brett, and I are diehard boaters.  We consider it a lifestyle!  Both of us come from families that are boaters.  My parents have always been weekend boaters (staying overnight on the boat), while Brett’s dad has mostly been a day boater (hitting the beach, tubing, skiing, etc.).  Regardless, we both grew up spending a lot of time on the Mississippi River, right outside of St. Louis, MO.  We love the river and remain very connected to the river community, thanks to this site –

Unfortunately, boating on the river runs the risk of dealing with floods.  In recent years, the floods have been bad enough to limit our time on the water in the summer.  Last March, we decided it was time to move our boat.  Leaving our friends on the river was not easy, but they’re always welcome to visit us at our new destination!  After much thought, we chose to bring our boat south to Lake Barkley / KY Lake.  The season is slightly longer, the water is cleaner, there is no current, but most importantly, there is next to no flooding! 

We decided to keep our boat at Green Turtle Bay Resort and Marina, in Grand Rivers, KY.  Wow, what a great place!  Has anyone ever vacationed there?  They have condos, houseboats, ski boats, and pontoons for rent….perfect for an inland vacation around water!

Think of this experience as changing neighborhoods.  We had to learn new streets, I mean coves!  We had to meet new people, form new friends, find favorite local spots, etc.  It was scary, but exciting all at the same time.  By the end of the summer, Brett and I were glad we experimented with boating in a different body of water.  Had we not pushed ourselves into the unfamiliar territory, we wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as much boating.  The river back in STL was flooded until August!  

Now that spring is fast approaching, we’re anxious to de-winterize the boat and start using it again.  With one season under our belts in our new neighborhood, we’re confident that this year’s experience will be even better.  Does anyone have any fun boating/water games they could share with us?  I’d love to bring new ideas to our new friends!


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