Missing the Bandwagon?

7 Mar

I’m a notorious Food Network fan. I’ll shamelessly watch just about any show the network deems to put on the air… except Secrets of Restaurant Chef. (Sorry Anne Burrell!) It’s gotten so bad that Hubster claims it’s the only channel we watch. SOOO not true…

Because of this obsessive relationship, I’ve heard of the Food Network magazine, but I’ve never purchased a copy. It certainly doesn’t make any sense given my penchant for their programming and my love of cooking. A recent Facebook rant after a bad recipe from Food & Wine magazine yielded responses from several friends who love the FN magazine.

I was intrigued…

And when a pile of the aforementioned magazine magically wound up in my desk chair early one morning, I knew it was a sign from above… or just a really good best friend whose husband loves to cook and has littered their condo with issues of FN mag.

The colorful covers have been beckoning to me, but I’ve been a good office worker all day. More details to come when I get an hour five minutes to myself to browse.

Do you subscribe to any cooking magazine you love? Or have you snagged any recipes from Food Network Magazine that have a permanent home in your recipe file? I’d love to know!


4 Responses to “Missing the Bandwagon?”

  1. Piper March 9, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    Here’s a funny thing: I don’t cook but I subscribe to 2 different cooking mags! Luckily my hubby cooks!

    • experimentalheather March 9, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

      Ha! Do you pull out recipes for him to make? I would so be on board if Hubster gave me suggestions 🙂 I get the usual “I don’t know” if I ask what he wants for dinner.

  2. Beth March 16, 2011 at 7:24 am #

    My mom used to say my dad, who is retired, only watched that channel . . . then they created a second food channel on U-Verse. Now she says she is getting rid of ATT. My dad will have one of the networks on in the sitting room and one on in the kitchen and he will be in the computer room ordering a new kitchen gadget off the internet and not watching either t.v. She says he has developed a sixth sense though, because if she tries to change the channel he is there in seconds telling her how he just stepped out of the room for a second. Talk about an addiction. She tells me the really bad thing is that a LOT of the recipes they show on the networks have some kind of mustard in them, and she hates mustard. My dad has made meatloaf with mustard in it at least five times. She had to refuse to eat it the last time, because she thought he would never learn unless she took drastic measures. I told her to drop their service down to the lowest amount of networks, but they are available on all levels. Myself . . . I prefer the recipies one the Cambell’s website. I also steal recipes from the clean eating magazines that my co-worker brings in. They are surprisingly easy to make and taste incredible, even if you dont add the extras that I tend to toss in when no one is looking.

    • experimentalheather March 16, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

      Lol! Well your dad definitely has me beat. I usually only have FN on one TV at a time 🙂 Hubster also hates mustard (and most condiments) so I’m always watching for which recipes include it… and which recipes include it but just a little so I think I can get by with it. So far I’ve done a pretty good job. Plus I think he’s starting to be ok with some of the fancier mustards.

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