My feed is bigger than yours

4 Mar

My hipster hubby (let’s call him hubster) saw my Google Reader last night and exclaimed “Your feed is bigger than mine.” I detected a hint of jealousy so I’m not chalking it up as a compliment. But it’s true that I have amassed a healthy list of blogs that I follow. What started as a way to fill the space after starting a new job, has become a minor obsession. My tastes tend toward

  • Design – graphic, interiors, fashion. I love it!
  • Food  – recipes and where to eat!
  • Do it yourself projects – usually related to home interiors
  • Local St. Louis news
  • Weddings – Based on the fact that I’m married, this probably seems like an odd topic. But I’m also ½ of Hawes Photography (or 1/3 … I’m not sure about that ratios) and particularly the arm of the business that works on marketing. So you can see why it makes sense that I watch just over 25 wedding blogs, right? Sometimes I can’t, so I hope it makes sense to you! 

 So why am I making the leap from online reader voyeur to blogger? Cue the music and enter and a book called The Four Hour Work Week and my best friend, Christine. While I’m not planning to steal the thunder of that book, a basic principle is finding something you’re an expert at and sharing your knowledge. That left Christine and I staring at each other saying “what are you an expert at?” She claimed her only talent is reading people (which she is freakishly good at and may be a future post for her). That didn’t seem like something we could really capitalize on. My interests are so varied it’s hard to pin it down … hence the random feed list. And I’m certainly no “expert”… at least not in the way hubster is with his nearly endless knowledge of cameras, film, processing and printing. I swear that man is a sponge when it comes to any of those topics.

I’ll also blame it a bit on our Truman State University liberal arts education. We learned a little bit about a lot of things. That’s definitely carried over into our lives. I am an expert at staying motivated to work out, keeping the laundry going on Sunday (usually the only day we have free thanks to shooting weddings) and making coleslaw (it’s one of the only recipes I know by heart). I am not, however, an expert at fitness, domestic chores or cooking. I experiment a lot… is it starting to come together for you??

While this blog certainly doesn’t follow the tenants of the 4HWW, it’s a start. It’s a chance for us to write, to explore, to experiment and see if anyone out there wants to listen, participate and cheer us on as we experiment with life.

What now? Bulk up your own feed a bit (or bookmark us and check back often) and join us as we experiment and shamelessly tell you all about it.


One Response to “My feed is bigger than yours”

  1. Erin March 5, 2011 at 2:18 am #

    I love Google Reader!

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